A few friends came over on Friday to see me at home and we got talking. I was working on my final project for the semester with my rechargeable lamp and it was already getting dark. Then one of them asked me out of concern:

“Babe, this your light go last you reach night?”

and I replied:

“No worry, them go bring light”

He was taken aback by my response because I sounded so sure that there was going to be light that night.That was when I started explaining to my friend how strong my faith is and how far it has taken me in this life.

Faith according to the bible, is

“The assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen”

Faith to me, is what fuels and drives my life. My faith is so strong, it’s scary even to me. Faith is what has led me on all this while because my life has not been a bed of roses.

There have been low times, even in my academics and in my family but there is this faith that leads me and lets me feel like all is well. This my faith leaves me unshaken even by bad news. My faith makes me look beyond my situation to see that tiny light at the end of every dark tunnel. My faith makes it easy for me to accept situations as a part of a grand plan that this my God has for my life.

In fact, I am nothing without faith.

There is this different kind of optimism that comes with faith. Faith lifts us up from our situations and keeps us on a cushion allowing us to view from a better angle, God’s plan for our lives. Faith leads me, just like Ranchoddas in the movie “3 Idiots”, to place my hand on my chest and say to myself “Aal iz well”.

If you are reading this, and you don’t have faith in your creator, you insult him!

Do you know why? because he can do anything for you, all you need to do, is ask and believe. If it’s good for you and you are ready for it, he will give it to you.

Besides, having faith and being positive, is a healthy way to live because you worry less and smile more.

There is a song in my language:

“Chim n’echerem ooo, O bara uru n’am n’echere onwe m?”

It says:

“My God worries for me, Is there need for me to worry for myself?”

It’s hard but it’s healthy.

Build your faith and be happy.

P.S  Go check out another post about faith and patience here –> GOD’S WRISTWATCH



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