Hello guys, welcome to September! The birth month of the strong, focused and talented people!

Yes, yes, I am a September baby. I was born into this world on the 16th day of this month and I am very sure God doesn’t regret bringing me into this world.

Since this is the season of the gifted people, we are going to talk about gifts today. Do you know that 5 out of 10 successful people wish they had actually done something with their gifts? (Don’t ask me where I got my statistics from 🙂 )

I have three sisters and a brother and we are all gifted in different ways but i’m going to talk about one today. She has no idea i’m doing this, but I will anyway.

Her name is Uzoma and she is a born artist! Yes! We noticed it when she was little because whenever we were outside playing in the sand or playing some common childhood board game, she was always in a corner using broomsticks and pieces of cloth to create characters to feature her own little movie she had already created in her head. She has always been an artist.

My mother noticed it on time and encouraged it. Of course you know how Nigerians are; my mum received alot of backlash for encouraging her daughter to do something that isn’t “professional”.

Now Uzoma is in SS3 she is going to study Fine and Applied Arts in the University and she is so happy about it. I don’t know why people have refused to believe that you can actually earn money by doing something that comes to you naturally. I don’t know if it’s peculiar to this part of the world but there is this common belief that gifts, talents and passions should be hobbies.

This way of thinking has suppressed talents, killed passions and has mass produced money-making zombies who have no substance whatsoever. Life is not just about making money, building large houses and buying new cars. It’s part of it, but it’s not all of it. The main ingredient that brings all of these things together is happiness and peace of mind.

To all the young people out there!

It’s never too late to purse your passion or harness that gift you have! Make out time and use it because God did not give it to you just for you to list it under hobbies on your facebook profile. Use it and see where it takes you!

I’ll let you in on a secret, I actually sing and I dance and I sketch animations pretty damn well but I am also guilty of this particular sin. I have kept them under a lid, only to bring them out when I am less busy or I just want to entertain myself or when I am in the shower. lol.

Parents! pay attention to your kids and let them be happy. Don’t force them into the sad arms of the society simply because you want your child to study a professional course. Recognise the gift, and let it shine.

Happy New Month people! 2016 will end on a good note! Amen!



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