Yez! You heard me, It’s not stubborn, you are! Yes you!

Natural hair is not stubborn, natural hair is curly. It is the mindset of the owners of natural hair that makes them stubborn. I have met and talked with people who make me pity their hairs. Today I am going to trash that silly mindset of yours so that your god-given hair can be saved.

Bad hair is not genetic: This is the most common excuse I hear from people who are too lazy or stressed to be committed to grooming their hairs. You’ll see a girl with no edges and has terrible breakage issues and split ends. When you ask her why she doesn’t take care of her hair, she’ll tell you that it runs in hair family and that it is genetic.

           “Abeg, my mother does not have hair, even all my sisters don’t have hair”

What kind of flimsy excuse is that biko? The women in your hair might have thin hair or dry hair or scanty hair follicles but no kind of hair is meant to break or fall out. If you have a hair type that is prone to damage, you take responsibility, go to google and care for it more.

There is no magic product: A girl saw my twisted out bangs and she asked one question that I just didn’t know how to answer and I am sure other naturals have experienced this.

“Chai, nne your hair is fine o. What did you apply to it?”

There is no one thing that you apply to your hair that will make it magically curly or grow magically especially when there was no previous effort made by you to make your hair healthy. People think that when you have “dry and stubborn” hair you just apply the whisked egg of a cockroach or the oil from the right ovary of a female sheep and your hair just magically turns healthy and curly overnight like magic!

Healthy hair comes about as a result of consistency, commitment and a positive mindset. You have to work hard to get results.

Build a Consistent Regimen: As a matter of fact, this should have been number one. Don’t be a regimen whore or don’t try not have one at all. Simply because the lady online says this particular regimen works for you doesn’t mean you should abandon your own totally and switch to hers. What you should do, is see what her regimen does for her and adjust your regimen to fit that purpose. Switching regimens and trying ever single product termed good online might make your hair weak and tired.

Use products properly: I was speaking to a male natural the other day (yes, they exist) and he told me that he has been natural for 6 months but he was considering texlaxing and I asked him what he has been doing to his hair. He said he uses shea butter and he steams his hair. Most a times, these hair products and used sequentially. For example the LOC method I use.

LOC means- Leave- in, Oil and Cream

The Leave-in is for moisture, the Oil and Cream are for retaining and sealing the moisture in your hair.

So you see, most people just apply Shea butter on dry hair and some others just apply Oil on damp hair. Learn to use products properly. Google is also your friend.

Protect your hair at night: I am guilty of this particular one sometimes. When I come back from classes by 6 p.m, eat, shower and literally drop dead on my bed without twisting, mosturizing and putting on my satin bonnet, I wake up in the morning with hair strands on my pillow case, dry hair and an 8 a.m class lol.

Please protect your hair at night to keep it stressed and from drying out.

I think these are the most common symptoms of the Stubborn Hair Syndrome (SHS). self-diagnose and take medications accordingly 😀

Till next time!




  1. shamjamblog says:

    Great advice and you’re quite funny! I absolutely hate it when people are just like, oh my hair is just like this, or the glorious “you have good hair” nonsense. Like I’m pretty sure my hair falls under the “bad hair” category (which I don’t believe in because all hair is good hair) and I just take the time to research and properly moisturize!


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