It was 3:00 p.m and I heard it again- Ariana Grande’s ‘Side to Side’ blasting from my nokia phone which was probably somewhere in the living room. I heard it the first time but it was faint as the shower was on and I was singing to myself.

I traced the sound to the sofa in the living room and saw it there vibrating on the couch. I looked at the phone screen.


“Hello?” I said into the receiver knowing exactly what she was about to say.

“Bia Neche, okwa i ka no n’uno?” she asked in igbo. “What are you still waiting for? Madame Uju would soon leave and she is a very impatient woman! Do fast and get out of that house!”

Mrs. Uju. I remember the last time I had to go with her somewhere. I was supposed to go with her to Ozubulu on an errand. My mum called me an hour before hand telling me she was impatient and I took this piece of information for granted. It was until I had to board a bike in pursuit of her grey mazda wagon car that I understood exactly what the word ‘impatient’ meant.

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while right? I’ve been busy trying to write more stories for us to read. I completely forgot that I owe the naturalistas consistent gist about my natural hair journey.


Well, right now I have gotten to that point where my hair cannot scare me again or throw me of balance. I know exactly what works for my hair and doesn’t and next year I’m going to start experimenting on branded products and see which ones work for me.&

As we all know harmattan is nigh and this is when we know the brave naturalistas. Me? I am very shy. I just kent deal! It is very possible for you to wear your hair out this period though but you have to be read to get your mosturising game and your head wrap mojo on.

For me who is not confident in her consistency in mosturising, protective styling is the way forward. I am going to protect my hair this period in two ways:
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