“My name is Chinwendu Okezie and I am in Primary One andI am here to present a rhyme titled ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’”. She looked so cute in her pink dress that her mother patiently made for her in preparation for her school’s prize giving day ceremony. Her mum looked at her from the crowd as she looked so cute with the pretty pink bow on her fluffy afro hair and suddenly remembered how difficult it was to get Chinwendu to stay still. At the end of her rendition, little Chinwendu was overwhelmed with the applause she got from the crowd as she tried hard to gracefully step down from the stage with the help of Miss Martha her class teacher.
“And second position goes to Chinwendu Okezie!” Mr.Martin said almost screaming on the microphone. “Clap for her, clap for her!”
“Go and collect your gift now! Stand up osiso!” Ogonna said to her daughter who, for reasons unknown to her, seemed disappointed. Chinwendu sighed deeply, stood up and walked slowly to the miniature stage in front to collect her gift.

When the party was over and Ogonna was done greeting Chinwe’s teachers with small envelopes of 300 naira as instructed by her husband, She led her daughter out of the school compound. When they had boarded a bus to Rumuola bus stop, Ogonna allowed her thoughts to drift while still clutching her daughter protectively on her lap and her purse under her armpit. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice that her baby had been quietly sobbing all the while.
“Ewo, Chinwe what is it? Why are you crying? Is the bus too tight?”
Chinwendu replied by slowly moving her head from side to side.
“Then what is it? Is it the second position?”
Chinwendu nodded.
“Mtchewwww! Is that why you are crying? You are my star! My Princess! You don’t need first position to make you feel special now. Ngwa come here” Ogonna said pulling her close. Continue reading “CHINWE’S TALE”


Hello guys, i’m really sorry about the long absence. I had just resumed school and have been working on a lot of things. I didn’t want to put up posts that seemed rushed so I just stayed away until I got a level head.

Today we are going to talk about something. It’s a question actually.


I was in my room on a Saturday morning trying to do my Yoga workout. I was following instructions from a video I downloaded from youtube and I had a headset on.

“…and now slowly ascend from a lounge into a warrior pose-” 

*knock knock*

“…make sure your left knee is bent while you slowly descend into warrior 2 and hold-“

*knock knock*

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