I woke up with the memory of the dream I had just had, I was filled with uncertainty, fear of the unknown and the thought of me getting older griped me. It was 31st of December again. The realization that I was going to wake up the next morning into a brand new year sent shivers down my spine and made my stomach churn. Of course messages had already started rolling in: “thank you for being a part of my 2016,you made me smile in 2016” even from those whom I hardly ever really talked with in 2016.

I thought about the thoughts and expectations I had had at the beginning of the year. How I had prayed for my Mr. Right and how I had hoped that chapter of my life would have been closed. I had also asked God for direction in 2016, that he walks with me and channel my path in the way he wants me to go. I had prayed about my career also seeing that for the better part of my youth, confusion defined me. Continue reading “IT’S NOT THE END OF YOUR LIFE”


It started in January,

with the dry harmattan breeze

our love pushed the blankets away

our love was so warm we didn’t need sweaters

it was the beginning of a tale with a Disney ending
February made it better,

The 14th was just like any other day

We celebrated it everyday

Had already started finishing each other’s sentences

The inside jokes that caused public snickers too
March got serious

We started thinking of kids and a home

Jobs and a flat screen TV on a wall

We had school for three more years

And our kids would go our Alma mater
April got intimate

It wasn’t just jokes that were shared this time

It was heavenly, tender and pleasurable

He was first but I wasn’t

I didn’t mind; I loved this guy
May got comfortable

Flip flops and nighties

Tea and a movie

Cuddles and kisses

Same roof, same bed, same menu

Continue reading “LOVE. TIME. LIFE”