I woke up with the memory of the dream I had just had, I was filled with uncertainty, fear of the unknown and the thought of me getting older griped me. It was 31st of December again. The realization that I was going to wake up the next morning into a brand new year sent shivers down my spine and made my stomach churn. Of course messages had already started rolling in: “thank you for being a part of my 2016,you made me smile in 2016” even from those whom I hardly ever really talked with in 2016.

I thought about the thoughts and expectations I had had at the beginning of the year. How I had prayed for my Mr. Right and how I had hoped that chapter of my life would have been closed. I had also asked God for direction in 2016, that he walks with me and channel my path in the way he wants me to go. I had prayed about my career also seeing that for the better part of my youth, confusion defined me.

And now? It was 31st. I had had someone else’s Mr.Right; only because he was the perfect man but it just didn’t feel right. I just could not make it happen and now I feel like I am back to where I started from. And my career? Well I still feel like I am swimming in an ocean without the knowledge of the longitude or latitude.

But guess what there were many other things that had happened in the course of this past year that I am grateful for. I had relocated to a place where I almost knew not one soul and with no guarantee of getting an “alawi” from the house, it was the compulsory National Youth Service Corps but before I left I received a promise that says “in the land of my sojourn, strangers will feed me” and lo and behold they aren’t only feeding me but I receive shelter and love like I were a family member; In a foreign land! By divine orchestration I had met with someone in camp who literally forced our friendship down my throat (even when I was being my usual cocky self) that birthed a relationship which was a catalyst in other areas of my life. God used him to usher me into a new arena. Now this guy isn’t even the rich-fine-boy-with a job kinda guy. That’s the twist. He was the very opposite instead. He was a broke “corper” just like me. At a glance one might conclude he had nothing to offer. Life, I have come to understand isn’t just about rolling with men of affluence it’s more about having a solid relationship with men of substance and value. That’s a story for another day.

Basically I woke up today amidst all the thoughts and challenges to realize that God is at work in our lives, there is always something to be grateful for if we think about it and let ourselves be drenched in a grateful atmosphere. We also have a role to play every time we approach God for that favour or desire; we have to first build the capacity for that “desire”. Sometimes what we ask for doesn’t readily come because we have not instilled the right knowledge and capacity to handle such things. So all the “little other things” God does are actually the big things because those little things might be a prerequisite for the “big things” we need or desire.

Yes we are entering into a new year,its the end of the year not the end of your life. Keep building capacity, learn new things, improve on your personality, drop habits that won’t add value to you. Basically live life in love, In love with yourself and in love with your neighbour. Live the Zoe kind of life-the God kind of life and everything will work out!

Happy New Year!




  1. oshamebinum says:

    We really have to buid the capacity for our desires from God.. Stretch our faith to the max… Service year also taught me a valuable lesson on solid relationships with men of substance and value.. It was a golden lesson..
    Thanks for this post..


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