It started in January,

with the dry harmattan breeze

our love pushed the blankets away

our love was so warm we didn’t need sweaters

it was the beginning of a tale with a Disney ending
February made it better,

The 14th was just like any other day

We celebrated it everyday

Had already started finishing each other’s sentences

The inside jokes that caused public snickers too
March got serious

We started thinking of kids and a home

Jobs and a flat screen TV on a wall

We had school for three more years

And our kids would go our Alma mater
April got intimate

It wasn’t just jokes that were shared this time

It was heavenly, tender and pleasurable

He was first but I wasn’t

I didn’t mind; I loved this guy
May got comfortable

Flip flops and nighties

Tea and a movie

Cuddles and kisses

Same roof, same bed, same menu

June was halftime

First time apart was terrible

Long phone calls after midnight

Video chats in the bathroom

Muffled “I love yous” into phone speakers
July continued

Never got tired of the calls and texts

First real fight was over the phone

Didn’t speak for a day

He broke the ice.
August was unbearable

We couldn’t wait for October

It had been two months

The countdown began

We planned our return like a wedding
October finally came

I came back first and waited.

The sun had set and it got dark

Called and a stranger picked

There had been an accident.
November was horrible

My grades dropped

A part of me died

My eyes gave out

On the tenth I said goodbye
December was hard

Christmas was sad

The happy ending I almost had

How did our story suddenly go bad

A question still unanswered



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