Hello people! I’m sorry I have not been talking about my hair for a long while now.  I have been busy trying to manage time. The only way I have been keeping other parts of this blog going is by writing anytime I’m free. Unfortunately, I wasn’t giving much time to my Natural Hair Journey and I feel guilty.

Anyways, remember I told you that this year I was going to change things up a little by trying out branded products? I have always been a DIY person but this year I decided to create a branded regimen. My DIY regimen remains efficient but variety is the spice of life no?

I am going to share with you my wash day experience with a product I bought on sizelle.com (you should check them out). I saw it on naijagirlnextdoor.com. She did a review on this product and she bought it on sale too from sizzelle. I quickly rushed to the site and luckily for me, it was still on sale so I ordered for one. I got it a few days later but couldn’t use it immediately because I was on a protective style.





She got home at around 7 pm and performed her daily evening routine. She first unlocked her door, slammed it shut behind her, took off her heels and put them by the door and then hung her keys on the ‘key nail’ as she liked to call it. After that, she dropped her hand bag which also contained her laptop on her reading desk, and then headed for the kitchen to make sure there was food to eat before she took of her clothes.


“Phew, this beans didn’t spoil, thank God!” she said in relief.


She then took off her clothes and stuffed them into the laundry basket.


“How can someone mess up so many clothes in one weekend?” she said to herself as the struggled with the clothes in the rubber basket.


When she won the war between man and fabric, she finally stepped into the bathroom for the warm shower she had been dreaming of all day. The harmattan had dealt with her today and her studio partners refused to put off the AC. She always wondered if they had skins of leather. Especially David, he always had the sleeves of his pure cotton shirt rolled up while she on the other hand, had a vest, a jacket and neck tie on and she still felt  cold.

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She rushed out of her apartment, half-greeted Mrs. Okon her neighbour and didn’t even double-check to see if she actually slammed her door shut. The compound where she lived wasn’t exactly by the main road so she had to pull off her heels and run towards the road to flag down a bus on time. Her boss had already warned her about her lateness, especially on Monday mornings. She never understood why she always made it late to work on Mondays. Maybe it was simply because she hated Mondays, I mean who didn’t?!

When she got to the main road, she walked to the nearest bus stop and stood in line to wait for the next bus.

“Excuse me” someone said from behind her. “Excuse me, hey, I’m talking to you” he said again.

“Not this morning” she muttered to herself. She always expected this every morning and before she turned around to reply such, she said a little prayer to God: “Please let him have sense, please”.

“Yes?” she finally replied

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