She obviously loved James with all her heart and couldn’t wait to get married to him but the uncertainties of life wouldn’t let her mind rest. Something inside her head kept telling her that maybe her parents had a point.

It was Friday finally and the week actually ended better than it started. Mr. Femi had been going for site jobs for the whole week so there was no yelling or insulting in the office and her mum hadn’t called her again. At around 12 o’ clock, Onyinye was about to step out of the office for lunch when her phone rang and she checked her phone screen and it read “Tari the b*tch”. She picked,

“Tari the bitch!”

“Onyinye the whore!”

The two bestfriends greeted themselves in their usual manner and laughed their heads off for about three seconds. Onyinye met Tari two years ago during her NYSC camp at Delta state and ever since they haven’t let go of each other.

“Babes where have you been oo, you have replaced me abi?” Tari teased

“No nau, you’re my baby nau, I can’t forget you, its just that w-” Onyinye explained before Tari cut her off

“-work has been so hectic and Mr. Femi has been giving me a hard time” Tari completed “I know, I know, ugghhh. Anyway, this is why there is going to be a girls’ night out tonight!”

“No no no no, Tari mba, I can’t biko. I need to rest. Please let’s have a sleep over instead nau” Onyinye objected.

“I don’t know what you are saying, I am coming to pick you up from work by 5 and we will go to your house. When we get there, i wee just sit down in the parlour and be watching Trace while you find one sexy short gown to wear with heels.” Tari replied

“But-” Onyinye started.

“Oga prepare yourself to be drunk. I don’t want any excuses. Bye” Tari said before hanging up abruptly.

Onyinye tried calling her back in an attempt to cancel but Tari did not pick her calls and Onyinye was very sure this was on purpose.

At around five minutes past five o’clock, Onyinye was leaving the office for the day when she sported Tari’s red Honda car outside the gate waiting for her. Unfortunately for her, Tari spotted her first and honked to make sure she saw her too. This was when she realised that girls’ night out was definitely going to happen. Tari was a very happy child. She is the only child of her parents so this forced her to be very sociable and free with people. She worked at the customer care department of RelTec Communications and the job suited her so well.

“You bin wan run ba? sharp girl. Enter this car before I slap your destiny” Tari said as she opened the passenger door.

“Babe abeg na, I no get strength, this week wey bulldog no dey, you wan come gimme headache this evening” Onyinye replied

“See, you need this. Trust me. You’re always locked up in that your apartment, watching soap operas and drinking chapman. You need to go out and see other people, you know? Real humans that you can touch” Tari said as she started her engine.

“Yeye girl. I won’t drink much o and we will take a cab, the last time you drove drunk, I almost peed on your car seat.” Onyinye replied.

“hehe. You no well” Tari said as she pulled into the street and drove off.

They arrived the bar at 8:00 pm. The bar was half full with men and women in pairs huddled up in different booths with a few groups talking and laughing. There were a few people at the counter ordering drinks, some scouting the crowd and others watching the television set behind the bar man.

The neon lights in the bar which were tactfully lowered created an abstract but cool feeling that could get you lost into night but the numbed nigerian music playing in the background was a reality check.

As they walked over to the counter, Onyinye couldn’t help but continuously rub her hand over her shoulders. Tari had brought her hot red tubed gown for her because her clothes were boring. The gown was so short, she could feel the cold air from the AC up her thighs. She suddenly felt like everyone at the bar stopped to look at her.

“Madame walk up nau” Tari said when she got to the counter

“Tari this gown is too short abeg, let me go home and change it nau please” Onyinye pleaded

“My friend relax, nobody send you for here. What are you drinking?” She asked

“Ermm just give me Star radler first” Onyinye said

“Mtchewww! Bros give us one chilled bottle of red wine with two glasses. Thank you.” She said ignoring Onyi as she slid her ATM card to the bartender.

“Babe what’s your problem nau?” Onyinye asked in frustration

“You want to soft this night of all nights. Not on my watch” Tari said as she nudged her towards one of the booths.

The night started slowly at first until the bottle was only quarter full.

“Babe ehn that my boss is just asshole I swear to God. The guy constantly bullies me. You are incompetent! You are unproductive! You are this, you are that! I pity his wife!…Babe what’s wrong with your eye? Tari, wetin do your eye? Why-” Onyinye asked in confusion

“Goodevening Miss Onyinye.” A voice said from behind

She turned around and froze with her eyes and mouth wide open.

…to be continued


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