“Guys! you can go home. Professor no dey come!” the course rep said from the front of the class.
At this announcement, there was an uproar of excitement and we all started trooping out of the class headed to our various hostels. This was supposed to be good news for me because I watched movies till 3 a.m last night and needed to get some sleep. Also, there was a show on FOX LIFE that I usually missed because of this particular lecture that was cancelled. However, I was not happy. Infact, I was very angry and my friend Jide noticed.
“Oga wetin dey work you. You just keep face like shit since.” he said nudging me
“Guy abeg lemme. Girls just dey very annoying” I spat out
“Ah ah hehehe, wetin happen?” he asked
“No be that stupid girl? that b*tch” I replied
“haba, that thing still dey pain you?” he asked again
I’m sure you must be wondering what I was angry about. Let me tell you

*flashback to 3 hours ago*

Jide, my friend Tony and I usually sat at the back of the lecture hall because you could see everybody in front and also because we could hide to use our phones while lectures go on without being caught. We had already taken our seats and were waiting for Mrs. Adeyemi to come for her 9 o’clock class which was usually very boring but attendance was mandatory.
We waited for about 5 minutes and then she walked in and gave out the attendance sheet which being passed from row to row. When it finally got to our row, none of us had pens. (yes, we are unserious like that) so, I asked the girl seated infront of me.
“Sorry please can you please write our names, we don’t have pens. Or you can lend me your pen when you’re done” I said.
She turned around, nodded and turned away.
About 10 minutes into the class, the lecturer set a quiz.
“Tear a sheet of paper!” She said as she wrote the questions on the white board.
I saw the questions and I knew all three of them. I immediately took an excuse, ran to the tuck shop nearby and bought three pens. I even helped Jide with one of the questions he didn’t know. About 20 minutes after, the lecturer asked that we submit.
“Pens up! Pass your papers to the front now!” she yelled as some people were still trying to scribble somethings on their papers. When she was done collecting, she was sorting the scripts when all of a sudden I heard my name.
“Kola Martins! Jide Olu! Tony Omoli! Three of you think you are smart!! As far as I am concerned, you never attended this class!” she said as she tore our scripts to shreds.
“You snuck into the class to write this quiz right? because your name is not on the attendance sheet!” she continued as she packed her things and left the class.
I immediately looked around in search of the girl I told to help me write my name and I didn’t see her.
Now you understand my anger right? She made me loose thirty marks and walked away like nothing happened. I waited around to see if I was going to spot her and give her a piece of my mind but I didn’t. So I went home angry.

The next day, after the 8 a.m class, while walking out with Jude, I finally saw her with a group of friends laughing probably at another guy whom she cost 30 marks. I started walking towards her staring straight at her and allowing the sounds of her laughter to fuel my anger.
“Guy where you dey go?” Jide asked walking after me.
“J leave me first, make I tell this witch my mind ” I said without keeping my eyes off her
“Bro wait make I tell you some… ” Jose’s voice trailed off in my head as all I wanted to do was tell her my mind. I just kept on walking until I got to her. I could see the shock of her face.
“I don’t know who you think you are!… (I can’t say all I said to her because even I was surprised at the profanities I spat out). When I was done, I walked away. I met jide’s dissapointed face glaring at me.
“What?! I’ve told her my mind. You dey do like sey you sef no loose mark! You dey mess up o!” I said to Jide who just kept shaking his head from side to side.
“I forgot to tell you. That girl is deaf and yesterday, she forgot her hearing aid. That’s why she didn’t hear what you said. She probably heard something else and nodded.
This was when I realised she always had this pink thing behind her ears and why the lecturers sometimes repeated sentences to her.
My heart sank into my stomach. I turned around to see if she was still there, but she had left.


6 thoughts on “I PLAYED DEAF

  1. Mehn! I was also pained about the 30marks upon no be me lose am. Talk more about him. It’s a pity about the deaf girl. It’s always better to see both sides before concluding.


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