I struggled with the volume button and finally shut it off and I looked up to a nozzle in between my eyes.

“She hasn’t still woken up?” a female voice in my head said.

I slowly opened my eyes and shut them immediately from too much light and slowly opened them again, blinking to adjust to the light. I was lying down face up in a room. I looked around, trying to recognize my environment until my nose picked up a familiar scent. The atmosphere was filled with a strong antiseptic scent that made me sick to the stomach everytime I perceived it. I was in a hospital. What am I doing in a hospital? I thought as I sprang up to a sitting position.

“Mba mba mba!! Doctor said you should lie down until your drip finishes!” said someone beside me.

“Mummy! What am I doing here?! What happened?!! Where am I?” I asked in confusion.

“You don’t remember? Hian. You are in NAUTH my daughter. Thank God for your life.” My mum said as she guided me to a lying position.

“Remember what? Where is daddy?” I asked still confused.

“Mpa Ada! Your daughter has woken up!” she yelled. My dad was fast asleep on another bed in the ward and sprang up when he heard my mum. He rushed to my bed side with worry all over his face.

“Chimmo! Hew! Nwam! I warned you not to go to that church, I told you to come with us to St. Philip but you refused now s-“ he said

“Is this the best time for this thing mpa Ada? Your daughter survived a shooting and you are here cautioning her about obedience.” my mum interrupted. Shooting? What was she talking about?

“Bia I have warned you to stop interrupting me when I am cautioning my children. What is the meaning of that nonsense? By the way, you caused this. You were the one that encouraged this nonsense.” he said almost shouting. My parents continued to argue with each other as a small headache began to develop at the back of my head. They kept arguing and didn’t even notice when a nurse stepped into the room.

“Hello?!” she shouted shutting my parents up. “Please, this is a hospital, not a market square. Take your marital issues outside biko. But before you do, the doctor wants to see the both of you concerning the bills” she said as she placed her hand on my forehead and proceeded to check my blood pressure. While she did that, the television set in the room was switched on and something caught my eye on the screen.

“Aunty before you go, please can you increase the volume of the tv for me? Thank you.” I said. When she was done, she increased the volume, gave me the remote and left the room. It was the news at 12 noon on NTA and the headline read:

“25 killed in Ozubulu as gunmen raided church during 6 a.m service”

Then it all came back to me. The gun, the woman and her kids, Friyo and my phone. How is it that I am alive? Because last I remember, a gun was pointed at me. I changed the station to Channels and the headline read:

“5 killed and 15 injured as army officials barged into service at a Church in Amakwa”

Could it be what I thought it was? If it was, the story was all wrong! It was a 7 a.m service and they were not army officials, there weren’t even upto 25 people in the church.

All the news stations had different headlines:

“15 feared dead at Boko Haram intrusion in Anambra state”

“Fulani herdsmen attack christian worshippers at Amakwa, Ozubulu”

“100 injured in church raid in Anambra State”

I was confused. I switched back to NTA and one of the supposed victims was being interviewed. I stood up from my bed and rolled my drip stand with me as I went closer to the tv. What the young man was saying, confused me the more:

“They were five hefty men dressed in army clothing, they just entered the church, walked straight to the alter, shot the reverend and opened fire on everybody in the church. I ran out through the side doors and jumped the fence to the main road …There were three cars in the compound and the men were five… Yes, I’m very sure of what I’m saying.”

I just stood there staring at the reporter talking about the incident like she was there and knew exactly what happened. They were all wrong. I am a survivor of the shooting, why haven’t I been interviewed? What is going on?

I turned around and my parents were behind me sitting on my bed with a look on their faces.

“Mummy, is it the incident they are talking about? Is today Sunday? I am confused” I asked as I walked back to my bed.

“Addy don’t bother yourself. You need some rest. After I will tell you inugo? Me and your father will go home then I will come back in the night with your food oh nnem?” my said as she guided me once again to lie down.

“Ehen, the doctor said that as a cautionary ihe a, they will do MRI scan to check whether there is internal bleeding. Get well oh nwam. Your mother will come back with kilishi for you” my dad said as he watched the tv.

“Bia this people dikwa stupid o, they are just carrying fake news upandan. Even police has not even visited the scene till now, I wonder how DPO is now granting interviews. Hian! And they said they want Biafra. Mtchew! Ndi uchu!” my mother said as she walked over to switch off the tv.

“Mama Addy ibiakwa, by the time Biafra happens, all you doubters and unbelievers must move to ugwu hausa o! As for me? Nnamdi Kanu is the man” he said as they both walked out of my room.

My mother came back as promised with some food that I could hardly eat. Just the kilishi stayed down in my system and that was what I had for dinner. The doctors later did the MRI scan and nothing was found so, I was administered another drip, my mother cleaned me up and was soon fast asleep.

At around midnight, the nurse on duty came to do her rounds, replaced my drip, checked my blood pressure and then guided me to pee. On our way back from the bathroom just opposite my ward, she had to rush off as the nurse call system was going off in a room below mine so I continued on my own. I walked over to my bedside and gradually lay down face up as advised by the nurses. I looked at my mum who lay fast asleep by my right and instantly froze.

“No, no, no, not again”


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