As a final year student in any tertiary institution, there are a lot of fears that you may have. Some of which may include your supervisor’s red pen (my greatest fear), the printer at the cyber cafe malfunctioning, lack of resource materials and finally, loosing your thesis file on your personal computer. Infact, the last one should be the greatest fear of all.


When I wrote the thesis for my undergraduate programme, I had the scare of my life. I had written my thesis up-to chapter 4 and it was approved by my supervisor up till that level. One day, when I wanted to make some corrections on it, the file suddenly became inaccessible. I couldn’t access over 80 pages of months of research (of course you know I mean google. God bless google) and I felt like dying. I tried everything I could but to no avail. The file was lost and I had no back up so I had to start afresh.

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This hasn’t only happened to me, it has happened to many other students in different ways. I know a friend who had an 8 a.m meeting with his supervisor to submit Chapter 1-3 and his laptop crashed by 4 a.m and just like me, he had no backup elsewhere and his hard drive was damaged. I advised him to go and ask his village people some questions lol. On a serious note though, why does this keep happening even after we see it happen to other people. I’ll tell you:

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