Consistency is hard, but very achievable

The struggle has been real you guys but I’m not going to stop. We are going to get to Day 30. In other news, who watched the match yesterday? Raise your hand if you cried; don’t be ashamed. It was a good fight though, the super eagles played with soul and spirit and for a few days and Nigerians had hope again. Musa for president!

Okay, today I’m supposed to write about what I’m excited about. Some of these challenge topics can sha tire pezin o. Hmmm. I am excited about the future and what it has waiting for me. Sometimes, I wish I would get a tiny peek at what the future is going to be like because the suspense is killing me. I am sure I am not the only one who is excited about this. Everyone wants to know where and what they will end up with. Others are excited about knowing who they will end up with while some are excited about everything about the future; like me.

I wrote a piece about uncertainty and how frustrating it is, to just “take things as they come” and “hope for the best”. It’s so annoying especially when you’re going through a rough patch and you literally can’t see anything that would suggest illumination at the end of the tunnel of troubles you are in. Sigh.

One thing i’m sure of is that things cannot always stay bad because situations change and this life is a roller coaster ride. There will be high times and down times, slow times and fast times and times you’d want to puke and times you’d want to snack. What keeps me going, is the suspense, the anxiety and the excitement because I know that things always get better.

Its 8:01 and I have to leave for work now. I know, I know, you’ll miss me *flips hair*

Today’s post is short and I apologise. Next time, I will be talking about: FAVORITE MOVIES THAT I CAN NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING

See you all on Day 14.



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