Hello guys! It’s true! The Blog is one! 😆😆

I cannot believe it has been a year of constant blogging. I must confess keeping you guys entertained and informed all at the same time has been big wahala! And you know what? I love your wahala ;);).

I started this blog which was formerly known as GirlUp n Walk on the 19th of September, 2015 (two days after my birthday). I formerly owned a blog ( which I had been running for almost a year but I left it to start afresh.

Why did I start afresh?

I started afresh because it was something I had to do. I had been thinking about starting not just a blog but my whole life afresh by August last year when I was done with my final year exams and I thought to myself  “oh you’re starting a new life journey, why not start a blog and base that blog on this journey?” And that’s how my baby was born.

I had spoken to a few people about it including Bamiyo of BAMZIE’S blog about it and the support I received was unexpected actually. This 100 percent support was all I needed to kick start the movement.

With me at the beginning was Ijeoma Unachukwu who is an awesome writer, you should check her posts out, they are still available on the blog. Her write ups brought in traffic that I still don’t understand till date. Lol Yes! She is that good. I also had Mercy who was constantly giving the readers updates on make-up and skin and then Anita who wrote articles that made the readers feel good about themselves.

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100th POST! YAY!

Hello everyone! Hope we are good!

Sorry I have not been around for a while, I have been waiting till this special day to put up the 100th post on this blog.

What has made today special? It’s my birthday! woohooo!! *Imaginary balloons and confetti*

To be honest, this happiness and joy I feel today can only be compared to the way I felt when my younger brother was born in 2010. I feel improved sort of like femaleigboarch 2.0 or something. I am happy because I have reviewed my life and I have discovered that I am not the same person I was in 2015. I think that’s why birthdays exist because they serve as milestones to help you measure how far you have gone in your life. It also gives you the opportunity to scan your life for things that you haven’t done or achieved. It gives you the need to devise new means or methods to achieve the said goals or to improve on the already existing means and methods.

It’s not like i’m going to have an awesome party with loud music and cake, but this feeling alone is enough to make my day. I’m so excited and happy with myself!

Today has thought be that God actually crowns people’s efforts. When you set your mind out to do something and you go for it the right way, your effort is recognised and rewarded. Don’t limit yourself with wrong mindsets, stereotypes or negative statements. I must confess there were low times when I would look at myself and ask myself:

“What do you think you are doing? You can’t be better than this can you? Just relax and stop making noise. Nobody will ever read your posts or even understand what you are saying why bother?”

“Look at her/him, he just does it and it works, why bother yourself struggling for something that just won’t work like his/her own?”

Yes, yes, even I fall for the trap the devil sets with comparison and envy. When this happens, I shrug it off and do my own thing anyway! Oh did I tell you, will be one in three days time! :D. It was actually registered a few days back but I made my first post on the 19th of September, 2015. On that day, I am going to share 24 throw back posts, two from each month so  prepare for your timelines to be raided!

So, this is it, the 100th post!

Thanks a lot to you guys, this blog would have been nothing without your comments, likes and shares. I hope I will live long enough to keep giving you posts to read and enjoy. Thank you and God bless.

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Happy Sunday people! How are we doing?
I saw this news online on and I just didn’t know what to make of it. Here are screenshots of the news as seen on the site:




Abeg my people I am tired of talking about this issue of domestic violence. What causes a fellow human to harm the father or mother of his or her children? I wish the subject of the dispute was known, then maybe we will understand it better. What am I even saying? This is murder isn’t it?


Goodmorning people, Happy New month!! 😁😁
Today I was going through my Facebook page and I stumbled on something that ruined my day. I decided to take a screen shot of it and see what you all have to say about it.




It says:

So this woman,  Hajia Risikatu Abdulkarim, a lecturer at Nassarawa Polytecnic is being interviewed on NTA Keffi.
I listen with an open mouth as the interviewer asks if rape is the fault of the women. And she replies with a yes.  Says when a woman is dressed indecently or is half naked,  it’s her fault if she gets raped. 

She says sometimes,  the  rapists would even finish raping a girl before they are aware that they raped her.  So it’s not their fault.

In the fight against violence against women,  she says women should stay close to God,  and they won’t experience violence.

A lecturer in Nigeria says this.  A woman for that matter.
What is she teaching?
Like seriously?!
Who sent me to watch NTA this evening?
See what #BuyNigeriaToGrowTheNaira campaign has


First of all, I will like correct that thing you are already thinking about. She doesn’t make any sense what so ever and if she is trying to make sense, she failed.
Do you know what RAPE is?
Rape is defined as sexual intercourse that is forced on a person without his or her permission. It may involve physical force or the threat of force. It may also be done against someone who is unable to give consent. Sounds so unserious right? Lets now define consensual sex and compare the two, that way you will understand how horrible the act is.
Consensual sex occurs when both parties especially the females agree on and are ready mentally and biologically for it. We all attended integrated science classes in Junior secondary so we know exactly how sex happens.
When it happens by force, there is pain, a lot of pain. Physically and emotionally.
RAPE is just evil. Only a dark, twisted and mentally imbalanced person would take by force what he can always get for free if he is patient enough.
Everybody is responsible only for his/her sin. The way a lady dresses does not encourage rape. A man does not just decide to rape a girl on seeing her, he must have always had that intention even before seeing the girl.
Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t encourage indecent dressing because I think women should treat their bodies better.
Besides, in India where ladies are usually covered up to their feet, they still get raped.

She says sometimes,  the  rapists would even finish raping a girl before they are aware that they raped her.  So it’s not their fault.

Can you imagine? So this is the excuse she has for these horrible monsters who take advantage of women?
I will stop here for now and let you share what you feel about this as well.


Goodmorning guys! It’s Monday 😠😠 I don’t know about you, but I hate Mondays. I have classes from 9 till 4 today, back to back! (In Olamide’s voice). Anyways, I saw this story on and decided to share with us, what females go through everyday in the world. It might be a product of their own doings, or just the product of the thoughts of a wicked person. So, read and share your thoughts on this story. Have a lovely week.


A friend of mine said we should not tie everything to #THEWORLDISCOMINGTOANEND, but how people sleep after doing this baffles me. Read story
A man burned alive his heavily pregnant teenage lover because he didn’t want to be a father.
Eren Toben, the father-to-be, and his friend lured Maria Peiner, 19, into a wood on the outskirts of Berlin to kill her.
In Germany the killer and his accomplice friend were each caged for 14 years for the horrific crime.
Jud Regina Alex said of Toben, who hatched the plot: “For him the crime was a solution, he wanted a free, happy life which he had control over.
“He abused Maria’s love for him to lure her into an ambush.”
Maria was eight months pregnant and looking forward to becoming a mother, the court heard.
But in January last year Toben, together with his old schoolpal Daniel Mueller, 20, lied to her that they were going to go shopping for baby clothes.
Once in the woods he hit her with a piece of wood, stabbed her with a bread knife and then poured petrol over her and set her alight.
The judge said: “She was still conscious, it could have been 10, 20, 30 seconds – she was still moving.”
The body was found by a walker the next day and the pair responsible for her death were soon in custody and blaming each other.
But Toben’s fingerprints were on the handle of the knife found near her charred remains.
Both remained silent during the trial.
Of his accomplice the judge said: “He acted for the sole purpose of taking pleasure in the destruction of another human being’s life.”
Speaking after the trial, Maria’s brother said; “I hope that our family can finally have some peace.”
Both men have been jailed for 14 years.
Source: Badbelle