Often times we are blinded by imperfections.

They form dark screen-like veils over our eyes

They leave us almost handicapped

I wouldn’t blame us though.

Imperfections are annoying.


Imperfections are like buses with scraped paint jobs

Or buses with disfigured chassis

Imperfections are like torn remains of an advert

That used to be on a rusty old billboard

Imperfections are really annoying


Imperfections are also beautiful.

Imperfections put a little rust to a shine

Imperfections remind us of reality

Imperfections protect us from utopia

Imperfections are really cool


Imperfections are like glue

They hold the perfect things together

Imperfections make boring things fun

The importance of imperfections? Ineffable!

Imperfections rock!


Before you yell! “It’s ruined!”

Look behind the ruined billboard and the rusty buses

There might be a perfect view of a perfect sunset

It’s beauty subtly projected by that ruined scenery

Waiting to be seen; Waiting to be captured.




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